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AAACCC Members Pledg Exclusive Offer
30% off Annual Advertising to Maryland's Shop Local App
The Pledg mobile app is more than just supporting our beloved locally owned businesses. It's about our entire community and the local residents that make MD a special place to live and work every day!
All the upcoming local events, venues, news, weather, school alerts, and local push notification messages will keep you fully informed about everything going on in Maryland. All in one, easy-to-use mobile app on your phone at no cost to download.
Our strong passion is for supporting locally owned businesses, too! We encourage you to not only download our local app but to also use it to locate and support the men and women who own the local businesses in our town. By working together as a community, we can keep the local revenue from leaving Maryland areas. 
Business owners are able to utilize the platform to expand marketing efforts, create exclusive offers to
customers, and connect with their surrounding neighbors and community like never before. The app
serves as a bridge for businesses to have their own customizable app presence, promote deals, drive
new sales, and being able to communicate with customers directly through the app. Pledg is also
working on partnerships with local Chambers of Commerce like AAA CCC to extend exclusive member benefits. 

Download the app at and please inquire how your business can benefit from advertising with Pledg. 
Contact Information
phone: (240) 479-1513
Offer Valid: July 7, 2022December 30, 2022
Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce